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Stories turn the world

StoryCog is a company that helps people tell stories.

We make films, as you probably worked out from our showreel above. We also provide training, consultancy and project management. If you could use some assistance finding your audience and your voice, we can help, whether your communication is in person, through mass media or online.

Our backgrounds are in science television, and we continue to work primarily – but not exclusively – in science communication. Our passion lies in inspiring people by revealing the workings of the world, and in encouraging them to continue that exploration for themselves.

We’ve launched video channels, run national film competitions, trained hundreds of people, and coached individuals. Our work is practical, simple, energetic, entertaining, and whimsical. We write, direct, produce, edit – all of that. We don’t dance or sing. At least, not in public.

Interested in what we could do for you? Drop us a line.

Recent work

A couple of our recent projects:

A teacher training film (of sorts) for an education charity client. Support materials and discussion at our side-project

The world’s slowest computer. This was a completely unplanned shoot, but we ended up with a compelling film about… maths. Yes, we are that good.