It goes a little something like this…

StoryCog makes science films. More specifically: it works closely with its clients to identify audience needs, and to deliver very carefully-tailored media to support and enthuse those audiences. We can also help you produce your own media, through staff training, equipment and process consultation, and ongoing technical and editorial support.

If you want interview training for your corporate staff… well, we can do that, but so can lots of other companies. But if you want to think through what sorts of skills and back-up your people will need to engage with their audiences, we might just be the people you’re looking for.

We write, edit, produce, direct, shoot… and can train you to do all of these things yourself.

Executive production

We’ve worked with the biggest names in broadcast, making sure their programmes reach and hold the attention of huge audiences. If your films are lacking a certain something – that something could be us.


We know far more about all aspects of video than is strictly healthy, heaps about science communication and public engagement, and have an extensive network of collaborators and associates. Need help? Hire us. Easy.

Project Management

We occasionally deliver longer-term consultancy, more akin to project management. For example: coordinating the Beacon universities’ interaction with BBC 1’s Bang Goes The Theory, over three series. We love getting our teeth stuck into juicy projects, particularly if we can help define them first.


Our training days and short workshops have been delivered to hundreds of participants, to great acclaim. Off-the-shelf, we can offer introductions to science communication; writing for public audiences; video production; presenting and voice skills; lighting for video; web media for STEM engagement; and others.

Contact us for details, and to discuss your precise requirements.

Video production

We offer a full service from project outline through research and writing, camera scripting and pre-production, through to filming and editing. We’ve managed everything from corporate interviews and promotional packages, to engineering challenge shows and long-running formatted series. Our clients have ranged from universities and websites to the BBC and Channel 4.

Video equipment, operators, and post-production

If you know what you want and just need a crew or editor, give us a call. We love making films, and if we’ve spare capacity we’ll drop everything, grab the camera bags and lights, meet you at location, and craft you a work of beauty.

We shoot 1080p high-def video on Panasonic and Nikon camcorders and DSLRs; record sound using Sennheiser and Røde microphones, and light with Dedo, Photoflex and LitePanels fixtures. We offer post-production services on the latest (and legacy) Final Cut studio systems, including a mobile editing station, and deliver to a range of formats. Web video encoding a particular speciality.