Let’s talk about us

StoryCog is a small company. Tiny, really. We pull in friends and freelancers when we need them, but the core team is as simple as they come:

Jonathan Sanderson

StoryCog’s director has made more short films about science than anyone else on the planet.

After studying physics at Cambridge, Jonathan fell into television more-or-less by accident. He mostly avoided heavyweight documentary, and ended up specialising in popular science programmes, including a long stint producing what were at the time the UK’s only science shows for children.

Over the last few years he’s run the SciCast film competition, and provided consulting and training for the Beacons for Public Engagement, the Science Communication Unit at UWE, Bristol, Cheltenham Science Festival/FameLab, Abu Dhabi Science Festival, and a whole heap of universities.

Jonathan’s slowly getting back into blogging at his personal site The Daily Grind, and he tweets as @jjsanderson.

Alom Shaha

Another former TV producer, Alom returned to education a few years ago and now teaches physics part-time in a north London comprehensive. He continues to make films, present live shows, write, and agitate in favour of meeting teachers’ needs. He plays the part of ‘angry young man’ perfectly, though in practice he’s neither particularly angry nor notably young.

Alom is StoryCog’s de facto Development Exec, driving project bids and pushing ahead with our development slate. Which is to say: he bullies Jonathan into getting stuff done. In production, he brings experience from Horizon and all the other documentary shows Jonathan never worked on.

Alom blogs at his own site, tweets, and knows quite a lot about why science is important. He’s also blogging for the Rationalist Association, having last year published the Young Athiest’s Handbook. His background is also in physics, at UCL.